Caroline Mniszak, YSHT RA, recently finished her Master’s thesis

Under the guidance of Profs. Heather O’Brien and Jean Shoveller, Caroline Mniszak analyzed data from the Young Parents Study for her Master of Library and Information Studies thesis in order to better understand the information needs and search strategies of young fathers.

Caroline found that there are disproportionate amounts of services and information resources available for young mothers versus young fathers and that this imbalance of supports reflects gendered inequalities in parenting. Young fathers encounter exclusion from parenting documents, young parent programs and services and from their communities. Evidence suggests that young fathers also encounter challenges asking for help with parenting, in part due to masculine gender role values such as self-reliance. This thesis also compiles responses from young fathers and service providers proposing interventions to improve information access for young dads at services.

The complete thesis is currently available on cIRcle.