Socio-cultural contexts and young men’s sexual lives (Context Study)

Are you a young man 15-30 years old?

Do you identify as a man? (Cisgender and Transgender men are eligible)

Have you been or are you currently sexually active?

Have you used substances during sexual encounters in the last 12 months?

Want to receive $30 by participating in an interview?

Researchers at UBC’s Youth Sexual Health Team (School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine) are studying the social and cultural environments in which young men make their sex and sexual health-related decisions, including the use of substances during sex. By participating in an interview, you can share your views and experiences on this important topic. Your feedback will help us understand and improve sexual health services for young men across British Columbia.

All interviews are completely confidential, take about 1-1.5 hours to complete, and you will receive a $30 honorarium for your time. Even if you are under 19, you will not need your parent’s or guardian’s permission. Your participation will not affect the services you receive from your health care providers, schools, or social service agencies.

Contact us below to learn more about the study and find out if you are eligible!


Contact Information:
Caroline Mniszak
Research Coordinator
Cell (text or call): (778) 985-9331


More information on our study is available here.

For a PDF poster explaining this study, please click here.