Meaningfully engaged: A proposal for enhancing youth capacity to collaborate on youth sexual health research

(Youth Sexual Health ICE Team Seed Grant)

Principal Investigator(s): Robin Chang; Theresa Healy

This project will support the development of a “back pocket” research aide suitable for use by university, college and high school students and community at large youth. The premise is that involving youth in research projects as partners and collaborators will heighten their capacity to promote healthier choices for themselves and others, strengthen the effectiveness of any health promotional materials and deepen the quality of research data for academic, clinical and other and other purposes. Over the past eighteen months, one of the ICE Team members has conducted, with the support of  Positive Living North No kheyoh t’sih’en t’sehena Society, the Juniper Project, a “Research Boot Camp” that brought together Aboriginal Youth, nominated by their communities from across the north to acquire basic research skills. The skills were conveyed through educational, cultural and team building activities. Once grounded in basic skills the team designed, tested and implemented their research design on the question of what HIV/Prevention materials will work best in smaller, isolated, Aboriginal and northern communities. Once their data collection was complete they returned to a second “boot camp” to learn data analysis and data dissemination skills. The model used for this pilot project requires evaluation and assessment, prior to dissemination in the form of articles and conference presentations.

Total: $3,000