Jean Shoveller


Professor, UBC School of Population and Public Health
Director, Epidemiology and Population Health and the Drug Treatment Program, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS



Jeannie Shoveller, PhD, is a Professor at the UBC School of Population & Public Health and the Director of Epidemiology & Population Health and the Drug Treatment Program at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

Scholarship & Training. Professor Shoveller’s research focuses on social health inequities, with an emphasis on the sexual and reproductive health of young people. Since her initial appointment at UBC in 1999, she has served as Principal Investigator on more than 30 studies and published over 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Prof. Shoveller has supervised more than 60 Doctoral and Master’s students as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows from Canada, Haiti, Rwanda, Brazil, France, UK, India, Iran, USA, Nigeria and The Netherlands. These trainees have been awarded prestigious fellowships (e.g., CIHR; Fulbright; Vanier; Banting; Killam; Trudeau; MSFHR; UK’s ESRC). She was a founding member of UBC’s School of Population & Public Health’s Senior Executive Committee and led the Social and Life Course Theme (2008-2014). She was Co-PI on a $1.8M CIHR Strategic Training Initiative for Health Research – Population Health Intervention Research Network for Canada.

Leadership. In 2016, Professor Shoveller was appointed as the Program Director, Epidemiology and Population Health and the Drug Treatment Program at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. In 2013-2014, she served the Interim Director of UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership. Professor Shoveller continues to lead UBC’s Youth Sexual Health Team, which she founded in 2005. The Youth Sexual Health Team is based at the School of Population & Public Health at the University of British Columbia and includes faculty, staff, and students from universities across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America. She also is the former Co-Chair of the Population Health Intervention Research Initiative for Canada, a Pan-Canadian network of 15 government agencies, researchers, research funding organizations, non-government agencies, and health charities (e.g., Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada) dedicated to advancing the science and practice of population health intervention research.

Review Panels & Boards. Professor Shoveller is the Chairperson of the Population Health Intervention Research Adjudication Committee at the Institut National du Cancer (INCa), Paris, France (since 2015). She is a member of the UBC Vanier Scholarship Adjudication Committee (2016-2019). Prof. Shoveller served on the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Appointments, Re-appointments, Promotion & Tenure Committee (2013-2016). From 2012-2016, she was a member of the Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship (CIHR) review committee. Prof. Shoveller has served on many other peer-review panels, including the US NIH’s Avant-Garde Award in HIV (2012), NIH Award for Advancing Exceptional Research in HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse (2014), CIHR Gender, Sex & Health Review Panel (2009; 2010) and CIHR PSD/PSB Grant Review Panels (Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Sociocultural Determinants of Health, 2005-2007). From 2005-2013, she was an active member of the Institute Advisory Board for CIHR’s Institute of Population and Public Health. Prof. Shoveller served on the Editorial Board for UBC Press (2012-2015).

Awards & Prizes. In 2015, Professor Shoveller was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences as an “outstanding public health scholar whose leadership and vision has contributed to system change nationally and internationally”. From 2008-13, Prof. Shoveller held an Applied Public Health Chair in Improving Youth Sexual Health, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Prof. Shoveller also held a Senior Scholar career award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (2007-2012). Between 2000-2007, she held two career awards simultaneously: Scholar Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and Scientist Award from the National Cancer Institute of Canada. In 2007, BC’s McCreary Foundation recognized her sustained research efforts and significant body of work on youth sexual health by awarding her a MYF Research Award.

International Appointments: Professor Shoveller serves the European Commission as a Research & Innovation Expert. In 2013-14, she was selected as a EUROPUBHEALTH Scholar, funded by the European Commission and administered via the ERASMUS MUNDUS program. She has been a Visiting Scholar at l’Université de la Méditerranée & Aix Marseille Université, France; Département des sciences humaines, sociales et des comportements de santé, l’Ecole des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP) in Rennes France; Institudo de Estudos em Saúde Colectiva, Universidade do Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Institudo de Medicina Social, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro; Institute for Social and Preventative Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland; and, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia. 


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