Former Trainees

MSc Trainee
Online approaches to youth sexual health and the role of social context

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Wendy’s MSc research focuses on youth’s perspectives regarding the implementation of the BCCDC’s Online Sexual Health Services Program.

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship


Post-doctoral Fellow
Increasing sex and gender-based analysis in systematic reviews

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Marion’s research focuses generally on sexual and reproductive health including reproductive rights and abortion. Specifically, she is interested in how gender, power and equity intersect to influence adolescent sexual health outcomes. Marion is also a founding member of the Sex and Gender Working Group for Systematic Reviews in Health which aims to increase the uptake of sex and gender-based analysis within systematic reviews to improve the quality and applicability of this evidence.

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award; CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship; CIHR IGH Doctoral Research Scholarship; University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

Phone: (604) 827-5064
Email: marion.doull (at)


MSc Trainee
Access to Emergency Contraception on British Columbia’s University and College Campuses

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jean Shoveller; Dr. Judith Soon

Research Interests: Miranda graduated from McGill University in 2004 with a degree in Biology, and has since been working in genetics research at Imperial College London and the University of Toronto. Miranda will be starting her first year of an MSc in Epidemiology at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health during which she will focus on the social and structural aspects of youth health, particularly in urban settings. She looks forward to combining her background researching human pathogens with her interest in the behavioural aspects of transmission and effective treatment of infectious diseases.

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship; CIHR WRTC MSc Scholarship (declined); CIHR Bridge MSc Traineeship; Youth Sexual Health Team MSc Traineeship

Phone: (604) 822-6535


Post-doctoral Fellow
Project: Informing selective screening through more robust estimation of STI risk

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Lola’s research interests are in modeling sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. To date, she has published 8 first-authored manuscripts and 2 co-authored manuscripts in high-impact journals such as (STD, International Journal of STD and AIDS, MMWR and Public Health Reports). She has also delivered over 30 presentations at local, national and international conferences. Her research program concerns the derivation and validation of clinical prediction rules (CPRs) for use in sexual health clinical decision-making (Falasinnu et al, 2014, PMID: 25581805). This work elucidated the methodological contexts and the predictive performance of published prediction rules used in sexual health services by conducting the first review and knowledge synthesis of the empirical literature in this field (Falasinnu et al, 2014, PMID: 25324350; Falasinnu et al, 2014, PMID: 24722388). In doing so, Lola identified methodological standards that optimize the reproducibility and efficiency of prediction rules (Falasinnu et al, 2013, PMID: 24300284). The findings of her research have the potential to inform the ways in which STI/HIV screening recommendation practices unfold in the future by not only reducing the number of unwanted and unintended decision-making consequences related to misleading estimates of CPR accuracy, but, in some cases, could also reduce healthcare costs by precluding unnecessary testing.

Awards and Scholarships: PHIRNET Doctoral Award; UBC Graduate Entrance Star PhD Fellowship; Youth Sexual Health Team PhD Traineeship; CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship

Email: lola.falasinnu (at)


PhD Trainee
Health-related information practices and the experiences of childbearing and parenting youth

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Devon Greyson is a doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. With research interests clustering around the intersection between information and health behaviour, Devon is particularly keen to investigate decision-making about health issues that are influenced by social marginalization and inequity, and the ways information systems can exacerbate or alleviate disparities. Devon’s PhD project will focus on the ways information practices influence the health of pregnant and parenting youth.

Awards and Scholarships: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship; UBC 4-Year Doctoral Fellowship; Youth Sexual Health Team PhD Traineeship; CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Institute Community Support Research Skills Award; CIHR Institute for Population and Public Health Institute Community Support Travel Award; Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) Maternal-Child Health Scholarship; Jesse H. Shera Award for the Support of Dissertation Research

Phone: (604) 822-6535
Email: devon.greyson (at)
Personal Website:


PhD Trainee
Project: Predictors of online STI/HIV intervention diffusion patterns across subgroups of young people in British Columbia

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Nazrul holds a Masters of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, as a Harvard-Cyprus Scholar, at Cyprus International Initiative (CII) for Environmental and Public Health, in association with Harvard School of Public Health. He achieved the Valedictory Award upon completion of this program.

Nazrul is a physician who has worked previously as a clinical counselor for school-going adolescents. He holds a Master’s in Public Health from North South University, where he won the prestigious Chancellor’s Gold Medal (cumulative 4.0 GPA). Nazrul also has worked as a Junior Lecturer at the Dept. of Public Health at North South University and as a project management officer in an IDRC-funded health research project in Bangladesh. He has published peer-reviewed articles pertaining to adolescent mental health, social and behavioral aspects in oral health, cervical cancer, and breast cancer and HIV/AIDS. He also has engaged in research related to malaria and community-based interventions in maternal and neonatal health. In 2012, Nazrul was named as a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH).

At UBC, Nazrul’s PhD work will pertain to BC’s Online Sexual Health Services Program, under the supervision of Prof. Jeannie Shoveller; his work aims to investigate predictors of the GCBC intervention diffusion patterns within subgroups of young people.

Awards and Scholarships: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship; UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowships (FYF); UBC Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award; UBC International Tuition Award; PhD Trainee Fellowship from the Western Regional Training Partnership in Health Services & Policy Research (CIHR); Harvard-Cyprus Scholarship; Commonwealth Scholarship (Declined); Chancellor’s Gold Medal.

Email: nazrul (at)


MSc traineeKaramouzianM
Navigating HIV risk & sex work in Tehran

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: He was introduced to the areas of population and public health before completing his undergraduate training as a veterinarian. He later joined the research group of “Research Center for Modeling in Health”, located in Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Iran. He then started working as a research assistant in the “Regional Knowledge Hub, and WHO Collaborating Center for HIV Surveillance”, a center that has a collaboration agreement signed by WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran. He was working there as a research assistant on several projects regarding bio-behavioral aspects of HIV/AIDS/STIs among FSWs (Female Sex Workers), PWID (People Who Inject Drugs), and MSM (Men having Sex with Men). His fields of interest continue to grow but he is currently interested in doing research on HIV prevention among key populations at risk of HIV.

Awards and Scholarships: UBC SPPH Entrance Scholarship; Shaughnessy Hospital Volunteer Society Fellowship in Health Care; Northern Telecom Graduate Fellowship; Ann and William MESSENGER Graduate Fellowship; UBC Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award

Email: karamouzian.m (at)


Post-doctoral Fellow
Project: Advancing population and public health ethics regarding HIV testing among young men

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Rod Knight is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, which is housed in Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. He holds a PhD ( University of British Columbia, UBC) in interdisciplinary studies and a Master of Science (UBC) in epidemiology. He serves as a Research Coordinator for the Youth Sexual Health Team at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health where he directs a program of research to assess the scaling up of antiretroviral-based Treatment as Prevention in Canada, France and Brazil. He is a recognized expert in the social determinants of men’s sexual health as well as an emerging scholar in the realm of population and public health ethics, with a particular emphasis on HIV-related interventions. A key component of Rod’s research is to provide strategic direction in intervention implementation by systematically identifying and highlighting key ethical questions pertaining to ‘real-world’ implementation issues that can benefit from new empirical research and theoretical advances. As such, Rod’s research and theoretical work seeks to advance and articulate an evidence- and theory-informed public health ethics. Rod is supported by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship; Bridge Fellowship from the Bridge Program; UBC 4 Year Fellowship Awards; 2012 Award for Excellence in Sex, Gender and Health Research

Phone: (604) 827-4568
Email: rod.knight (at)


PhD Trainee
Project: Sexual orientation, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and heavy drinking in Canada

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller

Research Interests: Basia’s research interests lie in the area of sexual orientation, sex, and gender as they pertain to health. Since graduating from the Master’s Program in Public Policy at Simon Fraser University in 2006, Basia has worked as Project Manager, Research & Knowledge Exchange, at BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, and as a Research Associate at the Centre for Addictions Research of BC. She has also worked with the Sts’ailes Band on a participatory research project aimed at developing a community health centre grounded in Indigenous knowledge. Basia’s PhD dissertation will contribute to the evidence base regarding sexual orientation and mental health in Canada.

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Skills Development Award; CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship; Killam Doctoral Fellowship; UBC 4-Year Doctoral Fellowship; Youth Sexual Health Team PhD Traineeship

Email: bpakula (at)


MSc Trainee
Project: Barriers to health care access and HIV/STI prevention faced by migrant female sex workers in Metropolitan Vancouver

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jean Shoveller and Dr. Kate Shannon

Research Interests: Julie recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology and minor in Food and Resource Economics at the University of British Columbia. During her undergraduate studies, she completed international HIV projects with The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) in Uganda in the fields of adolescent education and sustainable livelihoods. Currently, Julie is interested in cultural and social impacts on HIV transmission and care among migrant female sex workers. Specifically, she will utilize a social determinants of health framework to analyze HIV risk and protective mechanisms among migrants.

Awards and Scholarships: Richard A. Robertson Memorial Service Award in Medicine

Email: jsou (at)


PhD Trainee
Project: Health trajectories from school entry to adolescence: A population level analysis

Supervisor: Dr. Jean Shoveller and Dr. Martin Guhn

Research Interests: Kim is a doctoral student in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Prior to entering the PhD program, Kim completed an MA in Human Development, Learning, and Culture at UBC with a focus on children’s social and emotional development. Her current research will investigate how early inequalities affect children’s health through adolescence, and how such inequalities may be mitigated. The study is being conducted in collaboration with UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership. Through her traineeship at the Youth Sexual Health Team, Kim also contributes to research on young people’s experiences with HIV/STI testing in Vancouver. She currently works as a Research Coordinator for the BC Centre for Disease Control’s GetCheckedOnline STI/HIV testing program.

Awards and Scholarships: CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship; UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship; Youth Sexual Health Team PhD Traineeship

Email: kimberly.thomson (at)